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Pollution Effects

Airplane pollution Air pollution can effect human health, species and can impact on many different ecosystems. Future climatic changes may cause variations in the quality of the air we will breath. Predicted increased temperatures (increase sunlight) are likely to cause more ozone (O3) episodes during summer periods.

There are many ways in which air quality is defined. This is normally based on the impact that a pollutant or mixture of pollutants might have on aspects such as human health, visibility, crop damage, acid rain, damage to the stratospheric ozone layer or acid erosion of buildings.

The Sussex Air Quality Partnership works with and consults with Sussex, UK and European bodies to highlight and assist in policy to reduce and mitigate against the effects of air pollution.

Read more about pollution effects below:
Air Quality and Health
Poor air quality has been linked to respiratory health effects. The major air pollution episodes of the 1950's and 60's are now thankfully a thing of the past in the UK. This does not mean though that air pollution is not of concern. Rising levels of road traffic, increasing industrial activity and even new homes all represent sources of air pollution.
Air Quality and Health
Air Quality Environment
Air quality can impact on species and the environment, including land based and aquatic environments. Plants are harmed by a variety of air pollutants, either directly or indirectly. Pollutants and issues of particular concern include ground-level ozone (O3), a major component of smog, acid rain, and sulphur dioxide (SO2).
Air Quality and the Environment
Air Quality and Climate Change
Air quality and Climate Change are strongly linked. Future likely changes to the climate will have impacts on weather systems and extreme episodes, as a result some climatic changes are likely to affect pollution levels. Extreme events like droughts may see concentrations in ground level ozone increase affecting human health as well as crops and vegetation.
Air Quality and Climate Change
Health Advice
Air pollution can cause short-term health effects in sensitive individuals (e.g. people who already suffer from heart disease or lung diseases, including asthma).
Health Advice