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11/09/2009 - Sussex Air Annual Report
The latest annual report for the Sussex-air network is now available. The report summarises measurements made during 2008.

During 2008, there were no incidences of ‘moderate’ carbon monoxide, ‘moderate’ sulphur dioxide or ‘moderate’ nitrogen dioxide recorded at network sites during the year.
As seen each year there were many days of ‘moderate’ ozone recorded at most network sites monitoring for this pollutant during the summer of 2008. The first widespread incident occurred at the beginning of March, the last at the end of September.

‘Moderate’ PM10 levels were recorded at all network sites that were operating for the full year. There was also a widespread episode in January where ‘high’ PM10 levels were recorded at four of the monitoring sites. There was one further day where ‘high’ PM10 were recorded at the Hastings roadside site. ‘Very high’ levels of PM10 were recorded on two days in April at the Eastbourne background site due to local building works.

All network sites met the carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide air quality strategy objectives. The provisional ozone objective was exceeded at all sites with the exception of the Brighton Roadside site.

There was an overall decrease in the running annual mean PM10 concentrations during 2008 recorded at all sites apart from Hastings roadside. Only two sites monitored for carbon monoxide during the early months of 2008. Concentrations decreased at one site, but increased slightly at the other site but from very low starting levels. Both sites no longer monitor for carbon monoxide. The Brighton roadside site recorded the highest network levels of nitrogen dioxide. At most other sites there was a downward trend in concentrations of nitrogen dioxide during the year, although Chichester roadside and Lewes 2 roadside showed slight increases. There was an increase in ozone levels during the year.

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