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The Sussex coldAlert service is providing severe cold weather alerts to vulnerable people over the winter

Improving Air Quality

The Sussex Air Quality Partnership (Sussex-air) was established over 10 years ago to support Sussex authorities with their duties under Environment Act 1995 and implementation of the United Kingdom Air Quality Strategy. Areas of interest to the partnership include policy and research into air quality to; understand the sources of pollution, reduce its' impacts where possible, inform and protect vulnerable people and to deliver improvements in air quality, working with a regional focus.

As air quality is not just a local issue, but a regional, European and global issue, Sussex-air works with and provides a link to various local, regional, non-government, government and European bodies. This provides us with linkages to wider issues including Climate Change, Strategic Health Policy, EU and UK air quality developments, regional initiatives, research and government policy.

Read more about improving air quality below:
Local Air Quality Management
The program of assessing and review the local air quality in local authorities is known as Local Air Quality Management (LAQM). This program allows authorities to assess, review air quality and to work with various partners, such as transport authorities to identify plans to reduce pollution.
Local Air Quality Management
Reducing Air Pollution
Sussex-air works with many charities, pressure groups, universities, expert panels, UK government and regional bodies and European bodies to learn and develop ways to help improve air quality.
Reducing Air Pollution
Research Projects
The research topics covered include: Impacts on Health from Air Quality.
Research Projects