Guidance Consultation 2013

The Sussex authorities are now consulting on the "Air Quality and Emission Mitigation Guidance for Sussex (2013)".

The guidance has been developed in response to the changes in national planning policy, through the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). This guidance will be regularly reviewed and updated in light of any specific future national and local policy changes, and feedback from users of the document.

The purpose of this guidance is to:

  • Provide a Sussex-wide approach for assessing potential air quality impacts from development and transport related emissions and provide a consistent approach to mitigating those impacts.  
  • Provide technical advice to local planning authorities on how to deal with planning applications that could have an impact on air quality.


We are consulting on this guidance and would like to hear back from professionals, public authorities and the public on the approach and usability of the guidance.

We have not proposed any specific questions on the various elements of the guidance, but would like feed back on:

  1. The assessment process.
  2. Mitigation approach.
  3. Air Quality assessment approach.
  4. Planning recommendations.
  5. General comments.

The consultation is open from 14th October until 29th November 2013.


Comments and responses

Please respond to the consultation by emailing comments to: Nigel Jenkins (Sussex-air) at

The responses and comments to the consultation will be reviewed and the document will be updated appropriately for release in mid December 2013.

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