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The Sussex coldAlert service is providing severe cold weather alerts to vulnerable people over the winter

About the Sussex Air Quality Partnership (SAQP)

The Sussex Air Quality Partnership promotes improvements in air quality related issues in Sussex. The partnership provides assistance to members and information to the public via this web-site with recent air quality data, news updates, educational resources, links and other services such as airAlert.

The partnership was formed in 1995 as a response both to Central Government, who had produced a document "Air Quality: Meeting the Challenge", and to do more local work looking at air quality in Sussex.


The partnership is made up from representatives from City, Borough and District Councils in East and West Sussex, East and West Sussex County Councils, the Sussex Health Protection Agency, Sussex Primary Care Trusts, the Environment Agency, the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton.

Read more about the SAQP members

Sussex Air Quality Partnership Strategic Plan (2010-15)

Vision: Improving Air Quality in Sussex

"The objective of the Sussex Air Quality Partnership Strategic Plan is to drive improvements in air quality (and carbon reduction) for the benefit of the regions' citizens and the environment."

To deliver the core vision of the strategy, the Sussex Air Quality Partnership (Sussex-air) will develop the strategy through 5 key objectives.

  1. Provide advice and support and improve the expertise and knowledge base
  2. Project development and implementation
  3. Partnership working
  4. Develop cross cutting work on health Improvement, climate change, environment and transport
  5. Communicate air quality issues and initiatives in Sussex

Download the Sussex Air Quality Partnership Strategic Plan (2010-15)