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The Sussex coldAlert service is providing severe cold weather alerts to vulnerable people over the winter

Air Quality Near Me

This section is designed to give public access to air quality monitoring data gathered within Sussex and beyond. Data can be displayed for each monitoring location on the Sussex map, this includes historical, near real-time data, comparisons between locations or UK air quality objective limits, as well as enabling the user to download the data.

Select the area you would like to see more information on:
Latest readings
Peak hourly readings from each site and a graph showing pollution levels over the last seven or thirty days.
Site details
Details of the monitoring sites, their location, start date and monitoring regime.
Annual statistics
Information on how each site measures up against national standards and objectives.
Download data
Download monitoring data direct to your desktop.
Advanced monitoring graphs
Create your own air quality graphs to compare levels.
Emissions Inventory
Information on pollution sources which estimate the type and quantity of pollutants emitted to the air.
Please note: data used to generate the latest readings and graphs shown within this site are provisional and may change during the ratification process.